You may have guessed from the photos that we are army brats.  I was born in California and pictured with Mom & Dad arriving in Japan on my first birthday.  Baby sister Cindy was born in Germany and is pictured in our front yard in Munich at age 2.   Many, many moves later we are living in Nevada along with my Mom and more siblings.    Now you can understand why VEGAS GYPSY became the theme for this new adventure.

Currently retired, we are ready to start sharing some of our hobbies with all of you.   Offering quality products for restoring or restyling furniture is a top priority.   I'm not sure where this journey will take us as the only plan is to have no plan, just to have fun.  A spur of the moment website created on July 4, 2018.

Welcome to our adventure!!

Nona Lea Camack

Cindy Lou Ince

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