This page is where we plan to showcase the talents of some very incredible artists.     And a couple of crafters named Nona and Cindy...…….   LOL   

Wherever possible we will add links to tutorials for projects.  But don't just watch-  the best way to learn is to practice.

Video Link-  Working with Adhesive Transfers and Foils

Molds can be used to embellish a myriad of different products- picture frames, vases, book covers...….even furniture- using a number of different materials in the mold.

This smart lady decided that white chocolate was her choice.  I saw another post right around Christmas that showed beautiful molds of butter for the holiday table.    Caution: Do not mix molds used for food with molds used with other materials.

Transfers~Paints~Molds……. Oh My!!

Beautiful!!    Such a delicate look- created using 3D stencils for the embossed look.  Then she added pearl powder to her top coat so it would glow.  I admire creative people so much...…….

This look always makes me smile- and then wonder how they manage to pull it off so it belongs together???