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Farmhouse Finishes Safe Paint was developed for use on non porous surfaces such as previously painted walls and for new sheetrock.   It can definitely be used on more than just walls!   Use it on  furniture, wood and even metal.   It doesn't require the Extra Bond like our original formula does and it tends to be more of a traditional painted, full coverage look.   Minimal, if any, chipping will happen with Farmhouse Finishes.  Remember, though, furniture still needs to be prepped properly.   This isn't a magic paint.   And like all milk paints, a sealer finish will be required.


Farmhouse Finishes is mixed the same way as original milk paint:   equal parts water and powder.    But you will find that it mixes easier and smoother.   It is more water resistant and tends to water spot less.   However, exposure to harsh weather will require an appropriate water proof sealer.


Farmhouse Finishes and Original Milk Paint formulas are biodegradable, permanent, durable and non polluting.   The first paints to be awarded the USDA's biobased label these are perfect for those with chemical sensitivities.

Lexington - Farmhouse Finishes

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